Friday, 8 July 2011

Fairy Tale Friday!

Well what an evening I've had! Let me tell you all about it.

This evening we decided to go down to the local pub for a glass (or six) of wine to help us unwind. Gayle who had forgotten her purse (again) has to drink cider as she has an allergy to wine (she goes red in the face and shakes all over, then starts screaming and gnashing her teeth, while uttering words that make the air turn blue! - come to think of it, she must have an allergy to the bathroom scales too as the same thing happens whenever she gets on them  LOL!)

After a couple of glasses of wine - Claire was doing the CanCan on the table and Edna was singing “Help me make it through the night” to the landlords 20 year old son, as she pole-danced?!?!?  round the hat stand (you have to watch the quiet ones, you know!)

Helle and Jill were sitting on the bar singing Norwegian Drinking songs, we couldn’t understand the words but some of the actions looked very suggestive. Debbie, Kathy, Tab and Bev were happily playing strip poker with Tom, Dick and Harry from the local old folks home.

The rest of the girls were trying to look all innocent and pretend they didn’t know us, but when Tammy suddenly pulled a whip out of her thigh length boots and started offering whip-cracking lessons the landlord decided enough was enough and threw us out.

As the designated driver I drove them all back to Teddy Bo towers in the mini-bus and put all those that were “a little the worse for wear” to bed, although, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get Tammy’s rubber dress off her (she made it herself you know, from old tractor tyres!!!) so she will have to sleep in it all night.

Please don't offer them any sympathy today when they all have sore heads, are sensitive to loud noises, and Edna's complaining about the splinters in her thighs from the hat-stand pole dancing, it's all self inflicted after all.

While they are all sleeping it off, I will let you have a peek at what some of the girls have been working on.


The verse reads-
Pale little dandelion, in her white shroud,
Heareth the angel-breeze call from the cloud.
Tiny plumes fluttering, make no delay,
Little winged dandelion, soareth away

Kraft cs
Lasting Impressions designer paper
Nellie's choice punches for flowers
Marianne design die cut swirls
Pearl brads
MS deep edge lace trim punch
Stamping Up scallop edge punch.

I've made a rocker card using one of this weeks new releases Teddy Bo - Fisherman's Dreams, I coloured the image in Photoshop, used the Alpha Cloud font to make the word Dream which is  also coloured in Photoshop to give the effect of fluffy little letter shaped clouds. The blue background paper is from Raspberry road, the fishy paper on the back is from Stitchy Bear and Bo's fishing rod is made from a cocktail stick and some beading wire.


You still have until Sunday Midnight (GMT) 10th July to get your entry in for the Anything but a card challenge, so if you want to enter but haven't done so yet, you need to get a wriggle on.

See you again next Friday, when hopefully I will have some more Teddy Bo Towers news to report.
Colette xx 


  1. Oh! Thankyou for that [wiping tears from my eyes] that was so funny.I was laughing.. and the dog was looking ar me as if I were nuts....I can just see you all now...Now I forgot what I was here for....Oh! Your cards are fabuloius, thank goodness you made them before you partied, Fabulous post, really enjoyed it.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Oh no, what has happened ...
    Inside my head there are someone who are working, maybe they will renovate something in here,and my throat is very sore ..
    But the worst thing is that I do not know where I am ...
    Beside me there is a lady sleeping,dressed in black rubber ...
    Help me, I will return to Freddy,I am hungry and I'm cold ..

    But before I am released, I must say that I think you make great cards!

    To the other "healthy" girls, join in our challenge.
    We are not just crazy, it's usually only Thursdays that madness is released ...
    Wish you a peaceful and creative weekend ♥


    Ps. If you see a lady with rubber clothes and a whip in her hand, then RUN AWAY,she is crazy.

  3. Ohhhh my legs! I should learn not to try to do the splits whilst Can Canning!!! I'm too old for this and my head hurts did we really have that much to drink!

    I didn't know Tammy and her whip were the reason we got thrown out!!!!

    Lol we are normal the rest of the week promise ;0)

    Love Clairebears x

  4. The splits?!?!? Do you seriously think that's all you were doing?!?!?! It's when you insisted on putting both legs behind your ears that things REALLY started getting a bit worrying....then Bev INSISTED that her medication had kicked in enough to try it...thing is she picked you up wrong and thought her leg was to go behind your ears as well....she caught you off balance and you both fell onto the floor and that's when the fight started.....!!!!!! Rough crowd!! Colette couldn't get us out of there quick enough (thanks Colette)....Edna wouldn't part with her coat stand....Goodness only knows how we're going to smuggle that back into the pub!!!!! ;o)

  5. Are you sure that's right Collette????? I'm sure I was playing snap with George (Clooney), Brad (Pitt) and Jon (Bon Jovi) and drinking Irn Bru.

    No wonder I had a headache and was late for work this morning although that could have been the queue in the post office LOL!

    Debbie xx

    PS fab cards girlies :c)

  6. PMSL !!

    But seriously girls, go grab a few asprin and get your smiles back on....

    News just in via Teddy Bea Whispers..

    Last night She said Yes ! The wedding will be next May and this afternoon i was asked if I could do wedding stationery featuring both Bea & Bo )



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