Friday, 5 August 2011

Fairy Tale Friday - #5

Well here we are again, I can’t believe a week has passed since the last time I told you about the goings on at Teddy Bo towers, and what a week it’s been. As the weather has been so lovely we decided to have a barbecue, we got out the sausages and burgers and Gayle fired up the barbie. Kathy being from Texas, thought our sausages and burgers were pitiful and said a proper barbecue needed big, huge American sized steaks, which we didn’t have, but she said not to worry as she would sort it out and off she went. Imagine our surprise when she turned up half an hour later carrying a whole cow over her shoulders, we soon had big juicy steaks sizzling on the barbie.
The next minute Tammy turned up screaming something about her red rubber bikini going missing, it seems she had searched the towers from top to bottom and couldn’t find it anywhere, to be honest it was a bit of a relief because it’s not much of a bikini, it’s basically a G-string and two tassels!
Jill and Helle appeared carrying a crate of Juleol (Sterkol) a strong Norwegian beer, that they were going to save until Christmas, but they had thought that this was the perfect time to share it out, and Nicole and Nela decided we needed to learn some German drinking songs.
There we all were linking arms, swaying, swinging our beer filled tankards and singing - Bier her, bier her, oder ich fall um, juchhe!  when who should come storming up but the grumpy farmer from down the road, waving his fists and cursing, it seems Kathy had done a bit of cattle rustling and rustled his prize Aberdeen Angus, (could see why it was his prize one, it sure tasted good on a bun with fried onions and relish, mmmmm !).  Kathy wasn't having any nonsense, she just lasso-ed him, tied him to a tree and offered him a……. steak LOL!  he started threatening that his sons were on their way over to sort us all out. By this time we didn’t really care and  carried on singing, drinking and eating.
Claire decided a bit of line dancing would be fun, Bev, Tab and Debbie immediately got up and started do-si-do-ing, unfortunately Claire was doing the can-can, (it’s the only dance she knows) to Achy, breaky heart, and as she did a high kick she caught Debbie in the head (told you it was a high kick) and knocked her out, Debbie dropped to the floor like a stone, but Bev and Tab, who were a little (lot!) the worse for wear by then, just carried on do-si-do-ing around her.
Suddenly Antoinette swooned and Angie just managed to catch her before she hit the floor, we turned to see what had caused her to faint and there standing at the barn door were the farmers sons........ 

.....well let’s just say ladies, that at this point the party really got going and leave the rest to your imagination.

Needless to say there have been quite a few achy heads on the design team since the barbie, (that Norwegian beer is powerful stuff!) and not much work has been done so I only have a couple of projects to show you today. 

I think the alcohol must have had a positive effect on Jill as she decided to alter something and came up with this scrumptious box.

I just had to give it a go with this alter stuff :)
and turned this

Into this:

A box of chocolate for one of my sweet blogfriends that have her birthday in august :)
But of course I had to cover her name so she wont see ;)
The inside:

A Norvegian text inside :)
I have used the sweet Summer swing from the release two weeks ago and think it's perfect!
Gorgeous papers from Creative inspirations
Flowers from WOC and from my friend Maritha :)
Frame from TH

I made a quick card using the gorgeous "your wish will come true" stamp

My friend Karen, gave me the pretty lilac and turquoise ribbon, as she knows they are my favourite colours, so I based the colour scheme for my card around it. As well as colouring Bea in Photoshop I also made the cloudy BG paper. The beads and crystals are all from stash and the little star charm came from a necklace I bought in Poundland. The sentiment is a freebie from Blue Bird Flats.

Clairebears x

A quick card from me to. I have used the pre coloured "Walkies" Bea and papers and elements from Raspberry Road called Tavelogue. This is a card I've been meaning to make for weeks! 


I´ve choosen the cute image *Bo´s First day at school* for my card and I have colored the little Bo with Prismacolor pencils. The base colors of my card are light blue and green. The pattern paper is by Maja Design and the sentiment I´ve created at my PC. I have treated the edges of the papers with the paperdistresser and I have decorated only with buttons.

Don't forget you still have until Sunday midnight (GMT) 7th August to get your entries in for our Alter Something challenge in, the prize is a fabulous ten Teddy Bo and Co digis.


You may have noticed that there was no mention of Edna in today’s tale, the morning after the barbie, we realised that we hadn’t seen her around for a couple of days, after a bit of digging about I found out she was in the local police station. It seems she had turned up at the hospital wearing nothing but Tammy’s red rubber bikini, approached the dishy doctor and started singing “Hey, hey  baby, I wanna know if you’ll be my boy” and swinging her tassels, (I heard that she nearly knocked a blokes eye out), anyway the doctor explained quite firmly that he wasn’t interested but she didn’t take it well, as he tried to walk away, she threw herself after him, grabbed his leg and just wouldn’t let go, telling him that they were made for each other, and how lovely her teeth would look in a glass on his bedside table (she certainly knows how to woo a guy does our Edna), he ended up having to call the police as he couldn't shake her off, and they decided to lock her up for a few days. I hear the doc’s taken a restraining order out against her! 

See you next week, Colette and the gang xxx


  1. I laugh myself to death soon and think sure is the Christmas beer was just too strong ...
    I remember nothing ...
    But have a red rubber panties on my head and have a sore throat...


  2. Hi That pic of the farmers sons has made my day and I am giggling away here ! Kitty ;0)

  3. Just came on here to take a peek at your card Colette (which is gorgeous as usual) and I read about your latest goings on - you mad lot! I know who is the ringleader of all this mayhem is - I am still recovering from a particular night out with Colette in 1986!?! Glad to see your all having fun though, and all just this side of the law - apart from Edna that is. It is amazing that you all still manage to produce such beautiful cards after this. Keep up the good work! Karen x

  4. This card is so beautiful. I am only sorry all of our family's 'children' are grown up now. I want to use this image sooooo much. Hugs Sheryl xx


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