Friday, 23 September 2011

Fairy tale Friday #12

A couple of days ago there was a knock on the door of Teddy Bo Towers, we all ran to answer as we thought it was Claire returning from her holiday in Tunisia, but it turned out to be a delivery man, standing on the doorstep, trying to keep control of thirty camels. Gayle explained that he must have made a mistake as no one had ordered any camels, but the delivery man just handed her the reins and a receipt and left.

This is what the receipt said……

30 camels - payment in full for Claire
as agreed by Sheik Itorla Bowt

Claire had obviously managed to get herself into some sort of trouble in Tunisia, and we all immediately agreed that we would have to go over there and rescue her. Luckily Jill and Helle had been selling their homemade Potato Vodka to the locals and had managed to make enough money to cover our air fares.

Tammy wasn’t happy when the security guards at the airport confiscated her whip, Kathy had her lasso taken off her and Edna’s teeth were also confiscated after she accused one of the other passengers of jumping the queue when waiting to board, and threw them at his head!!!

We had quite an uneventful flight.

Once we arrived in Tunisia we had to try and find Claire, we decided to start in the Souk as we knew she loved to shop and had most likely been there at some point. After only a couple of minutes a group of Tunisian ladies all dressed in pink twin-sets went sailing past us, now pink twin-sets in Tunisia could surely only mean one thing, CLAIRE!
We followed them at a distance trying to be discreet which was quite difficult as Edna was humming the tune from Mission Impossible, had camouflage paint all over her face and was darting in and out of doors and alleyways as we went.
The twin-set ladies finally went through a massive ornate wooden door into what looked like a very large house.
We stood outside looking up at the twelve foot high walls and wondering how on earth we would get over them.
“No problem” says Edna, we all look at her expectantly, “it’s OK” she says, “I’ve got a ladder in my tights”, our faces dropped with disappointment, “Honestly, it’s OK, I really do have a ladder in my tights!” she repeated as she pulled her dress up to her waist, rolled down her tights and there wrapped around her hips was, of all things, a large rope ladder!!!
We threw it up into an overhanging tree branch where it snagged, gave it a tug to make sure it was safe and gingerly climbed up and over the wall.
We crept through the grounds listening at each door to see if we could tell where Claire was being kept.
“She’s in this room here” hissed Nela in a loud whisper, “how do you know?” questioned Gayle, “I can hear the clacking of knitting needles” was Nela’s reply.
We entered the room to find Claire sitting surrounded by about 30 of the Sheiks’ Harem, each one of them knitting a pink twin-set.
“Hello?!” says Claire, “what are you lot doing here?”
“We’ve come to rescue you” replied Gayle, “how on earth did you manage to end up here?”
It seems Claire had gone to the Souk to buy some balls of camel hair wool to bring home with her, and with the language barrier and one thing and another had ended up selling herself for 30 camels.(It seems they had offered her 100 but she had haggled them down to thirty!!!).

We managed to get out of the grounds(over the wall again), back to the airport and onto a plane without mishap.

Things were going swimmingly until the plane was about to land, then the Captains voice came over the intercom.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not panic, it seems that one of the tyres on the landing gear has a puncture, and the spare tyre is missing. We do have a puncture repair kit, but the rubber repair patch is not big enough to cover the very large tear, and we will be unable to make a safe landing unless the tyre is repaired.”
Of course everyone panicked, there was a lot of arm waving and screaming and Edna was slapping everyone’s faces (there was no reason for it, she just likes doing it!), when once again the Captains voice came over the intercom.
“Ladies and Gentleman, we have now found a piece of rubber big enough to cover the hole, the repair is under way and we will be landing shortly.”
We disembarked from the plane, with a huge sigh of relief, until Nicole suddenly realised that we had lost Tammy. Imagine our amazement when she came strolling from the plane, arm in arm with the Captain and Co-pilot, wearing what looked like a bikini top and very mini, mini skirt. It turned out that Tammy had offered them the middle section of her rubber dress, (the part that covered her spare tyre LOL!) to repair the tyre, and enable us to land safely.

The headlines in the newspaper that night read……

Tammy’s Tractor Tyre Togs
Turn Torn Tyre Tragedy To Triumph!!!
(now try saying that quickly, six times, after drinking a bottle of Potato Vodka LOL!)

Everyone arrived back at the towers and immediately started making cards to help them relax after all the excitement (except for me, as I had to write the tale - and then feed thirty hungry camels!)

I have used TeddyBea_145 I heart you so much!
Isn't she adorable ~ and I knew what to do with her
as soon as I seen her! The sentiment on the tag reads:
"All hearts come home for Christmas".

I have used the loving couple, TeddyBoBea_066
Papers from Rasberry Road, Oopsie daisy collection.
Flowers from WOC and Kort og Godt
Lace, ribbon and pearls coloured with copics.
A lot of licquid pearls...
And a gorgeous butterfly from K&G

This is Tammy's first attempt at a " Shabby Chic " card.
She has used TEDDYBEA_033, coloured with Poly Pencils and blended with sansodor.
Added glitter to her wand and wings.
Papers are from her stash.
Flowers Wild Orchid Crafts.
Key charm - Primark, taken from a bargain necklace ( £1, had 6 keys attached )
All papers, flowers, ribbon, lace, charms and cheesecloth have been sprayed with white primer paint to give the " shabby chic " look.

Tammy has also made a door hanger to match the finished card.
Same products and again sprayed with white paint.

I have made a shaker card.
I use micro-beads because it gives a great effect and is not static, even if I use plastic to the window
This time I have used a delightful pre-coloured motif, Bubbly Bea __070
The flowers are cut with a die from Magnolia and is embellished with glitter stick and roses from the WOC.
The leaves are a gift from a blog friend.
Pattern sheet that is used comes from Kaiser Craft.

Woooo Hooo! Its so good to be back!

I've not made a card like this before and I think it works OK,
I have coloured Bea with Spectrum Noir pens and her clothes are Flexmarkers
The paper is an odd bit of scrapbook paper (I'm trying to use stuff up so I don't feel guilty about buying more!)

Here is a Mini lights bag
I have used:
Teddy Bea_091_sepia
Martha Stewart Garden trellis
Marianne die Butterfly

This is my attempt at distressing!
I've used Teddybo 122 - Scratchy Bo Baby Santa Hat and coloured him with Prisma pencils.
The papers are from the Prima 'Printery' pad and I've painted the edges
and finished with crackle medium by Aleene.
The distressed snowflake is from the Spellbinders Ironwork motifs set and the trees are cut from Kraft cs, embossed with the Cuttlebug 'Divine swirls' folder and inked with Antiquities frosted crystal ink. I've used deep red seam binding and red gems from my stash.
The 'things with wings' element are the two robins in the corner of the card. They are Magnolia stamps also coloured with Prismas.

I´ve used the sweet Bea with the gift and I´ve coloured the image with Prismacolor pencils. I´ve used cardstock from SU and the backing paper is by DCWV. I´ve treated the edges of the papers with the paper distresser. For the decoration I´ve used pearls, lace and flowers.


You still have another week to get your entries into our things with wings challenge, don't miss out, if you want the chance of winning the Teddy Bo Ten, that's your choice of ten Teddy Bo and Co digi stamps, then what are you waiting for!!! You have until Sunday midnight (GMT) 2nd October.


  1. Gorgeous cards girls, all equally lovely...I saw your post come up and ran to make my coffee,threw myself into my chair, the stupid thing had turned and I fell on the everywhere and HOT!!!
    But it was worth it...thanks so much for another side splitting laugh.
    It like a good book, You are reading and see everything in your mind...Fabulous.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Thank you for rescuing me Girls, I promise next time I'm away I will try hard not to get into trouble. But aren't the camels gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Nice to have you back Claire - Throw a twinset in the air, stick a camel up your nose, fly a jumbo jet having nicked all Tammy's clothes.................

  4. AAAAgaaadoo doo doo....push pineapple shake the tree!!!! Sorry that what you were singing...I can never tell as your singing sets off the camels who like to join in and then I can't tell who's who!!?!?!? ;o)

    I have to say Colette.....brave isn't the word...when Tammy reads this I think you'll be in hiding for the week!!!!!!! Just as well the nights are getting darker early as you'll not miss going out quite so much!!!!!

  5. Hi reasding and sharing this on the train to work and my train buddies and I have all just having such a giggle !! Thanks Kitty ;0)

  6. I'm thinking you're all a little bit mad but very very funny! Great cards by the way.

    Hugs Lol xx

  7. Another fab tale, and a chance to relax and have a laugh. All your cards are gorgeous, every one of them - well done! Karen x

  8. Great cards and very funny story lol
    Lama xx
    (Lana) x


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