Friday, 2 September 2011

Fairy Tale Friday #9

As the girls had been so good last week, Gayle decided we should have a day out as a reward (big mistake!!!) after a heated discussion – Jill and Helle wanted to go on a brewery tour, Tammy wanted to do a rubber factory tour, Gayle wanted to go to a bagpipe exhibition, Claire thought the ‘20 ways to accessorise you twinset’ workshop sounded rather exciting. Nela and Nicole wanted to go to the local recycling plant (seems recycling is very big in Germany!) and Edna, well Edna wanted to go to an advanced Pole Dancing and stripping for beginners class!!!
After a bit of squabbling , hair pulling and foot stomping the decision was made, we would go to………                                         

……the Zoo?!?!?!

mainly because I was the driver and that’s where I wanted to go LOL!.

We wandered around oohing and aaahing over all the animals, until we came to Gorilla island, where Tammy suddenly shouted, “Oh my goodness! look at the size of that tyre (the one the Gorillas sit in and swing) that would make a lovely coat for the winter” and before we could stop her, she had jumped over the wall and dived into the moat around the island, quickly swam across and scrambled up the bank on the other side, sprinted across the grass and clambered up the tree trunks and wooden poles (that made the Gorillas’ climbing frame) and began undoing the knots that held the tyre into place. The biggest, fiercest looking male gorilla sat and watched her inquisitively for a few minutes then ambled over, climbed the poles, grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder, carried her down kicking and screaming and disappeared into his cage. We ran into the ape house to see what was happening, only to find him sitting on her, stroking her hair, and looking at her adoringly, (we think it was love at first sight!!!).
We decided she was quite safe where she was, so thought we would leave her there and pick her up on the way out.

We enjoyed watching the penguins being fed, the birds of prey flying demonstration and the elephant talk. Then we made our way over to see the sea lion show, promising Edna that we would go for something to eat straight after, as she had been complaining that she was so hungry she could eat a horse.
The sea lions were doing all kinds of fabulous tricks, for which they would get a reward of fish.  For one of the tricks the trainer threw a fish high into the air, one of the sea lions would dive into the pool, swim as fast as it could, jump up and catch the fish before it hit the water.
The trainer threw the fish, then suddenly the whole audience gave a collective gasp as Edna jumped onto the wall of the enclosure, leapt into the air, performed a double somersault, caught the fish in her mouth, swallowed it whole, did another somersault and landed on the other side of the pool in a front splits position. The audience erupted into wild applause and even the sea lions were impressed, holding up scores of 5.9 and 6.0

At this point a group of burly security guards turned up, dragging a very dishevelled Tammy behind them, grabbed Edna, bundled us all up together and escorted us out of the zoo, telling us never to show our faces there again.
Just one more place we are barred from to add to the ever growing list.


Let's have a look at what the some of the design team managed to come up with before our day out.



Used the lovely "Hatched, matched and dispatched" in sephia.
Digipapers from Rasberry Road, Country sunshine pad.
Flowers from WOC
Charms and pearls from Kort og Godt
Magnolia fence, letters from Glitz and a key from Fiskars.


I love this Japanese Geisha Bea so it was a no brainer I had to use her. 
In true Geisha form I kept her face white 
She is coloured with polychromos pencils and blended with sansodor. 
The papers are from First Editions summer breeze pad. 
Flowers are from Wild Orchid. 
Sentiment from Cuddly Buddly.


The stamp I've used is from this week's news, "Ballon Bea" _139.
Corloured with Touch Markers,
I've added a little glitter on the ballon.
The paper's from Teddy_Book_001,which I love!
Beautiful papers!!
Flowers and ribbon I've bought from WOC,Wild Orcid Crafts.
The text says:
"Happy birthday,because you are a special friend,hipp,hip, hurray"
The feather I've pulles from my housband Freddys little tail ♥


I have used Sending you a Note image, coloured with Prismacolour Pencils. The papers are by Raspberry Road Designs, Family Matters Paper Set. The flowers, pin, charm and pearls are from The Hobby House. The sentiment is by Elzybels, the button is from stash.


I have the sweet Bo, with his envelope, colored with Prismacolor pencils. I´ve think the image is perfect for a Christmas card. I have used cardstock from Bazill and SU, and the pattern paper is from First Edition Paper. I´ve decorated with a swirl and with punched poinsettias.


You still have a few more days to get your black, white and one other colour entries into the challenge, which closes on Sunday 4th September at midnight (GMT)

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  1. That was so made me burn my cheese on I dont dog thinks I'm insane laughing so I dont care.That was a brilliant post...I can see her flying through the air and catching the for I have a headache..but..I DONT CARE...great cards ladies, beautiful.

    Luv CHRISSYxx


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