Friday, 9 December 2011

Fairy Tale Friday #23

Have you had any snow where you are yet, we’ve had quite a lot here at the towers. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland on Saturday  morning,  mainly because Edna was running up and down the stairs shouting at us to get up and come and play.
We warmed ourselves up with a big bowl of Haggis porridge and tea laced with Cabbage Cognac, wrapped ourselves up in our warmest outdoor clothes, Tammy’s coat was made of bicycle inner tubes, and she had filled each one with hot water. Claire had knitted an Electric blanket into her latest twinset and Edna was wearing two pairs of Fishnet stockings instead of just one.

We decided to have a snowman building competition, we all found our own private little spot to build away from prying eyes, Gayle, Bo and Bea  would be the judges and the first prize was a gallon of Potato vodka, the second half a gallon of Sprout Schnapps and the third was a year’s supply of Haggis Burgers, nobody wanted to come third!!!

We could hear Edna and Tammy giggling together in their building plot behind the hedge, and wondered what on earth they could be up to.

Once we had all finished we gathered together to walk around and view each others creations while Gayle and the bears judged them. Unfortunately we couldn’t find Teddy Bo anywhere, but Bea thought he may have gone back in to the towers for a warm and a sleep, (he doesn’t really like to be awake!).

Most of us had made pretty normal snowmen, with carrot noses and coal for the eyes and buttons, twigs for arms and wearing an old scarf and hat, although Liz’s snowman was wearing a kilt, Claire’s was doing the splits and wearing  a lovely pink twinset and pearls, Helle’s was holding a bottle of Turnip Tequila and was tilting slightly to the left and Jill had built hers laying down on the floor fast asleep, Kathy’s was wearing a ten gallon hat and spurs!

When we walked around the hedge to view Tammy’s and Edna’s we were astounded. Tammy’s snowman was a perfect representation of Teddy Bo, right down to the silly look on his face, and Edna’s….. well, Edna’s was a sight to behold, right in front of us sat a beautifully formed camel, wearing a bobble hat and leg warmers. Claire was particularly impressed as she thought it looked a lot like Cuthbert, her favourite camel. Of course Edna got first prize and Tammy second, Liz came third, to be honest we think that was just because he was wearing a kilt and Gayle just can’t resist a man in a sporran, even a man made of snow. Luckily Liz is the only person other than Gayle who loves Haggis, so she was really happy with her prize.

We were still oohing and aaahing over Tammy and Edna’s sculptures when it started to rain, and imagine our surprise when as the rain washed the snow away from Tammy’s and Edna’s creations, we started to see fur, bear fur and camel fur.
It turns out that Cuthbert was having a snooze behind the hedge and Edna just decided to cover him with snow, rather than build a proper snowman, Tammy thought this was a brilliant idea, but couldn’t find anything to do the same with, until Teddy Bo wandered over to see how they were getting on, Tammy persuaded him, (bribed him with the offer of chocolate, cola and a tummy tickle) to be her snowman.

Both Bo and Cuthbert where freezing, they were shivering and their teeth were chattering, by the time the rain had washed all the snow off them,  Claire ran over to check Cuthbert out, while Gayle gave Bo the once over, once Claire knew Cuthbert would be OK she turned to look for Edna, who was sneaking away as quietly as possible, because she knew Claire would be angry.

Claire started to run after Edna, who saw her coming and shot off as fast as she could, but she was no match for Claire, who was younger and fitter. Once Claire got close enough she grabbed Edna by the hair pulling her backwards, Edna flung off her wig and carried on running, but unfortunately she missed her footing, and fell over, she curled herself up into a ball as she fell to try and protect herself, but it was the wrong thing to do as she was nearly at the top of the hill, so all she did was start rolling down, gathering speed and snow as she went!

By the time Edna had rolled halfway down the hill she had collected so much snow that all we could see was a huge snowball with hands and feet  and a head sticking out, by the time she was three quarters of the way down, we had lost all sight of Edna’s bits, she was now just a giant snowball. It was at this point that we realised the ‘ball’ was heading straight for the huge oak tree at the bottom of the hill, we all started running to try and catch it but had no chance as it was really going at some speed by now.

Suddenly we heard a massive SPLAT! And when we got to the tree, there was pieces of snowball scattered about everywhere and Edna’s back was flattened against the tree trunk, her head on the ground and her legs dangling in the air.

She was OK once we had brushed all the snow off her and checked her over, she only had a few cuts and bruises, although the biggest and most painful one is right across her bottom and she isn’t able to sit down at all!

Claire was being very kind and knitted her a great big comfy cushion to put on her chair. We were all amazed at how forgiving Claire was being, after the way Edna had treated Cuthbert, she even brought the cushion into the dining room, fluffed it up, and put it on Edna’s chair, she helped Edna lower herself onto it to try it out, but just as Edna’s bum was about to reach the cushion, Claire whipped it away quickly, Edna landed onto the hard wooden seat with a bang, screamed and then sprang up as if the chair was on fire, ran to her room, flung herself face down on the bed and hasn’t moved since.

Claire says she deserves everything she gets after treating Cuthbert so badly.

Both Bo and Cuthbert are fine after their ordeal, some hot Cola and lots of tummy tickling soon sorted Bo out and Claire gave Cuthbert a good rub down let him sleep in her bed for a couple of nights until she knew he was OK.

PS. Check out this link here if you want a sneak peek at Tammy, Claire, Jill, Helle and Debbie, practising their dance moves for next week, but keep it quiet, because they wouldn't be happy if they knew I had managed to film them.
Unfortunately most of the girls have got colds after playing in the snow, but some of us brave little soldiers,(aaaaah)  managed to crawl out of our sick beds and put together a couple of things to show you today.

Coloured with distresspaint
The text says " congrats to the little girl"

Hugs Maritha

This card is for my friend to give to her son on his birthday in January,
 he loves music, plays keyboards and drums and is getting an electric guitar for Christmas.
Image - TEDDYBO_41 coloured in Photoshop
All papers, including Bo's bandana, top and shoes - Men in Mind - Clipart Fairy
Red Card Candy - Stash

I love Hermann Bear, he looks like he needs a big cuddle. I am a huge Eeyore fan too
and I think they are very similar characters.
This card is for my Father-in-law who will be 81 on 5th January, I always try and 
find an amusing age saying to put on his cards as he has a great sense of humour!

Hermann - Coloured in Photoshop
All papers Echo Park Orchard Lane Digital papers.
Ribbon for spotty bow tie - MeiFlower

There is still time to enter the Teddy Bo Tombola over on my blog.


This is TEDDYBO_155 coloured with Promakers
although I have no idea why I used red as I'm not sure it really
matches the My Mind's Eye Bloom and Grow papers.
I had to outline the ribbon in silver as I suffered from bleeding reds yet again!!!

AJ (Guest Designer)


Image is the lovely Herman
Coloured with Copics
Papers from Prima, Alla Prima collection
Flowers from WOC, and creative treasures
Little teapot charm from Korthobby.



I´ve made an Easel-Card and I´ve played with the fantastic image *Scary Skiing*
colouring with Prismacolor
cardstock von Bazzill and CreaMotion
design paper by Maja Design
Martha Stewart edge punch
for the decoration I´ve used buttons and rhinestones

There is still a few days left to enter our White Christmas challenge, and check out this weeks tip top tutorial which shows you how to make a Pop up box card.

See you soon,

Colette xx 


  1. Stunning cars and projects girls, just beautiful..and once again, you had me in stitches...I could see Edna rolling down that hill with arms and legs sticking out, and I just knew Teddy bo was going to be inside that snowman...but Cuthbert was a surprise.
    I thought the cushion was going to be a whoppee
    cushion, and almost felt the pain when it was snatched

    As foe the was funny, and some of the poses or steps, were just perfect with the faces, you would think they were really doing it...such fun..I love my Friday..

    Thanks so much.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Sorry, was supposed to be cards...not cars...had so much to say and was typing too tears in my eyes..

    Luv CHRISSYxx


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