Friday, 16 December 2011

Fairy Tale Friday #24

We have had a couple of disasters at the towers this week which have resulted in everyone having to go home and spend Christmas with their families.

Do you remember all the Haggis that Gayle and Liz (with a little help from Debbie) caught a couple of weeks ago. We had lots of them, enough for Christmas day and our Hogmanay party on New Years Eve, probably even enough to last until Easter. Well Gayle likes her Haggis to be as fresh as possible, so we have a huge Haggis Hutch in the garden, the Haggis are looked after and fed well to fatten them up and make them as tasty as possible when we finally eat them. A couple of days ago we heard a kerfuffle in the garden and ran out to see what was going on, it seems Tammy was out there practising her whip-cracking, and had accidently cracked her whip against the lock on the hutch door, the lock broke, the door flew open and hundreds of Haggis ran away into the hills as fast as their two short and two long legs would carry them.  Tammy had managed to lasso one or two of them with her whip but most of them had escaped.
Things were looking grim - when Gayle checked the cupboards all we had left was a couple of days worth of Haggis porridge and about a million turnips that Helle and Jill had been storing for their next batch of Turnip Tequila. Gayle said she could make a lovely turnip casserole and sticky turnip pudding for Christmas dinner, but to be honest it just wouldn’t be the same as Turkey shaped Haggis, Haggis in blankets, Haggis gravy and Haggis sprouts (we didn’t have any proper sprouts as they had all been used in the Sprout Schnapps), but we kept a stiff upper lip and decided we would give the turnip substitute a go.

The next problem occurred when we woke up one morning to find that icicles had formed on the ends of our noses - worse than that though was finding Edna frozen to the toilet seat. She had gotten up to use the loo, sat on the seat, but it was so cold in the towers that her bottom had immediately frozen to the seat and she had been stuck there for over an hour.
It seems the heating  had stopped working during the night. We checked all the pipework and radiators and found that the radiator in the dining room behind Edna’s chair was completely clogged up with what looked like lumpy cement. It turned out that Edna hated the Haggis Porridge we had for breakfast each day, so she had removed the valve from the end of the radiator and was secretly stuffing the porridge into it when no-one was looking. Unfortunately it had blocked the radiator and pipework around the radiator up, the blockage had caused a back up of water in the pipes and eventually it had blown a fuse in the boiler. We managed to get a plumber out to look at it, (which took some doing let me tell you, as we had been blacklisted with all the local tradesmen after Edna's kidnapping of Sid the builder).The plumber said that he could replace the fuse, but not until the radiator had been unclogged, which we had to do ourselves, and that he wouldn’t be able to fit us in until after Christmas anyway. Once again we decided to take it on the chin and carry on regardless, especially as Claire immediately set to with the knitting needles to make us all thick woolly jumpers, tights, bobble hats and gloves.

But the final straw came this morning, when we were all gathered around the breakfast table munching away on the last of the Haggis porridge, somewhere outside we heard a loud bang and a tinkling of glass, then we heard the same sounds over and over. We ran out to see if we could work out where it was coming from and exactly what was happening. We heard it again, and realised it was coming from the barn, we went running over, to check it out, and noticed that there was a stream of fluid flowing out from under the barn door. We pushed open the doors and crowded in and were horrified to find all the bottles of Potato vodka, Turnip Tequila, Sprout Schnapps, Cabbage Cognac, and Broad Bean brandy had exploded one by one, emptying the contents out onto the floor and splattering the walls of the barn with shards of glass. Edna lay on the floor amongst all the alcohol - weeping, wailing and occasionally sucking up a bit of the spilt liquor.
Claire was panicking about whether or not any of the camels had been hurt by the flying glass, when she remembered that she had let them sleep in a couple of the spare bedrooms at the tower the night before because the weather man had reported that the temperature would drop to minus 15.
Jill and Helle were whispering in the corner and Helle was overheard telling Jill that she had warned her that it wasn’t a good idea to add Edna’s false teeth cleaning tablets to the recipes for the various spirits, and Jill replying that she had just wanted to add a bit of fizz to the drinks, and it would probably have been OK if she hadn’t added Edna's indigestion tablets as well.

Of course, the thought of having nothing alcoholic to drink sent everyone into a deep depression, so Gayle suggested we all go home to our families for Christmas and return to the tower in time for the Hogmanay party. Tammy had managed to re-catch just enough Haggis to feed Gayle and Liz, and Jill and Helle gave them the recipe for the Turnip Tequila, so that they could use all the Turnips in the cupboard to brew up a batch for the New Year while everyone was away, although Gayle was keeping hold of a few to have a go at making Sticky Turnip Pudding.

Before we depart Debbie would like to sing you all a Christmas song on behalf of the design team to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Take it away Debbie…………………………………

We wish you a fairy fish mash
We wish you a scary kiss rash
We wish you a hairy big ass
Or a flabby, huge rear!!!


Clairebears x

I have made a card using a scrapbooking set and played with it in Photoshop! I have layered onto a Kraft card blank. I have added a little glitter and red ribbon too. I have used the ready coloured Teddy Bo and Bea.


All other material is from PyHobby!

Love purple on a christmas card! =)

Hugs Maritha
This is my birthday card for my Brother in law.
He will be in sunny Thailand for the big day, far, far away from winter and snow!
The outside with Teddy Bo_099/ BIL in Thailand

The inside with the new image TeddyBo_160 /BIL home in Norway again!
Coloured with Copics
Papers from Prima and MME
Swirl and bling
Seambinding and hamp
Stamps with text from Whimsy stamps


Ok so who gave me a pink birthstone - Yuk!

I've used some of the Fairy D images - the dress made me think of Disney's Cinderella (although her dress is blue) where the mice are making it for her hence the stitching images. The Mackintosh roses are by Tanda Stamps and the label is from someone called Stitched Up who you can find on Facebook - they come in a set of 7 and the paper is from the Teddy Bo paper pack with random gems in various sizes added here and there.

Birth stone Cards

Really really bad pun - but very cute bears lol!



I´ve played with the cute image *What a Jolly present*
colouring with Prismas
sentiment pp-stamps
cardstock Bazzill
backing paper from First Edition Paper
embellies pearls

Thanks so much Renee for the great tutorial :0)

Hugs Nicole

AJ (Guest Designer)


TeddyBoBea tabs 002
Prisma pencils
Hero Arts sentiment stamp
Kaisercraft 'bubble wrap' stamp
Ribbon, button, twine and butterfly punch

There is plenty of time to enter our birthstone challenge as it runs until midnight Sunday 8th January 2012, and if you fancy having a go at the gift bag with lid you will find the tutorial over on the Teddy Bo Top Tips page, and don't forget that this is your last chance to enter the Teddy Bo Tombola here.

Fairytale Friday will return in the New Year!


  1. Beautiful cards ladies and a great post...[haggis short legs and 2 long]such a hoot...What can I make with the birth stone of a diamond....thank goodness I have plenty of time to think...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Your tale made me giggle heaps! Reminds me of home (Elgin, Moray)when I am stuck here in London:(.

    Merry Christmas to you all!! Sheila:)X

  3. Oh Sheila...we lived in Elgin for 2 years..beautiful part of the country....we were between the Cathedral and the Buckaneer


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