Friday, 20 January 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #28

Last week I said I would tell you all about the RSPCA‘s(Royal Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals) visit. So here goes.

It seems that Hazel has been boasting about her Black Cat Cougar, which she uses in her card making. Apparently it’s a cutting machine that cuts, draws, embosses, punches holes, engraves, distresses, cooks the tea, does the ironing, and washes the dishes and wipes your bum!!! OK maybe not quite all of those things, but most of them. Anyway she keeps showing us cards she has made and telling us she has used her black cat to cut out shapes, or to write text and we are all very impressed.
One day there was a knock on the door, it turned out to be a couple of RSPCA officers who had received an anonymous telephone call to say that a cat was being very badly treated up at the towers. It seems word had got out about Hazel and her Black Cat and the officers had come to have a look around and check out the allegations. Of course Hazel immediately took them to her room opened her craft cupboard and took out a beautiful gleaming piece of machinery, explaining that it was an electronic cutting machine called a Black Cat Cougar. The officers realised that there had been a misunderstanding, apologised profusely for the interruption, which Hazel accepted gracefully, and were soon on their way again.

Hazel watched them walk down the drive and as soon as they were out of sight, she opened up the craft cupboard, put the machine back into it, reached under her bed and pulled out her black cat who was called Cougar, she taped a Sakura stardust pen to one paw, a craft knife to another, grabbed him around the middle and immediately began to cut out and draw up her next card whilst muttering something under her breath about why would she use all this new-fangled technology, when there was a perfectly good cat going to waste!!!

Now let me tell you about our birthday blog hop.
Gayle, who had never been involved in a blog hop before, got the wrong end of the stick once again. The morning the hop was scheduled to start she had us all up bright and early. She made us line up against the wall of the towers, lift up one leg and hop down the drive as far as the Great Oak tree and back again, the first one back would, of course, be the winner of the hop. Nobody had the heart to tell her that she had got things a bit wrong, and she is the boss after all, so we did as we were told and began hopping. The problem is that some of us are very well endowed around the chest area, and hopping is not really the best thing to do in those circumstances, suffice to say there were a few bosoms flapping up and down, and by the end of the hop there were quite a few black eyes - we thought Kirsty-Anne had broken her nose - and I looked like I had been smacked around the ears with a wet kipper and my knees were very badly bruised too!!!

We’ve also had a bit of trouble with Bo this week, Gayle had made him dress up as cupid so she could draw this week’s graphics and Bo was mightily impressed with the bow and arrows. He spent days running around the towers shooting arrows at everyone and everything. Unfortunately one day one of the arrows hit Petunia, Claire’s pink and glittery cat, she got such a fright that she ran straight for the door just as Gayle was coming in carrying a large Haggis that she had just caught. Petunia streaked through Gayle’s legs, tripping her up as Gayle tried to avoid stepping on her. She flung her arms out as she was falling, the Haggis flew through the air and then ricocheted all around the kitchen (have I mentioned how rubbery they are?), it was heading straight for Tammy, who was making her specialty Haggis Tikka Masala for tea, and she just happened to be holding a very large ladle which she had been using to stir the curry in the cauldron (I must explain that we don’t have a cauldron because Gayle is a witch, although we do wonder sometimes, have you ever heard her cackle laugh) but because there are so many of us to feed, (and even the camels are partial to a bowl of Haggis Tikka Masala), that it is the only thing big enough to hold the quantity we need.
Anyway Tammy saw the Haggis coming straight for her, she swung the ladle in a beautiful backhand stroke that even Andy Murray would be jealous off, caught the Haggis square on his bottom and sent him hurtling across the kitchen towards the door. Gayle who had just managed to get back on her feet saw it heading back towards her and quickly ducked, the Haggis flew out the door and crashed, smack bang, right into Maritha who was helping Jill and Helle carry a barrel of their latest brew, Swede (the vegetable, not a person of Swedish origin) Sherry, into the kitchen.
Unfortunately Maritha was walking backwards, and didn’t see the Haggis coming, so when it hit her she was taken completely by surprise, and due to the power of Tammy’s lob the Haggis hit her with such a force that she toppled head first into the barrel of sherry, so that all you could see where her legs sticking up out of the top. It took us a few minutes, but we managed to pull her out. She had swallowed so much of the stuff that she was completely sozzled and staggered into the towers singing Abba songs on top note and flinging herself about doing some Swedish folk dance called the Hambo, although she looked more like someone who was being electrocuted rather than someone who was dancing.

As for the Haggis, he bounced off Maritha’s head, landed head first in the grass with his little hairy feet waving about in the air, bounced up, flipped himself over, landed feet first , looked around a little dazedly, suddenly realised he was free, and ran for the hills as fast as his little (and long) legs would carry him.

On another note we were going to have a big party for our first birthday, but with Edna leaving us we felt it just wouldn’t be the same without her, but now we know she is happy where she is and Kirsty-Anne has settled in quite nicely, we have decided to go ahead and arrange it for the last week of the birthday celebrations.
Waaahaaaaayyy! something to look forward to.


Image is TEDDYBEA_158
Coloured with Copics
Papers from MME, lost and found 6x6
Seambinding from WOC, pearls and the key is a die from Marianne.
I have also added a little bell left from Christmas and the sound of it is just so sweet :)
The card is a trishutter card with a 6x6 front panel.


Paper from panduro
Cut out her dress in similar paper
Stamp on the side(that looks like a ribbon) is from hÄnglar stÄnglar
Swril CL
Congrats stamp on the bottom,sorry don´t know where it´s from!?

Image - TEDDYBOBEA-098
Echo Park digital papers - Yours Truly
Silver Glitter paper - Hobbycraft
Lace circle die - Marianne
Heart filigree die - Memory Box
Cords and gems - MeiFlower


I have used the very gorgeous Queen of Hearts from Wonderland Stamps, I have coloured her in with my Promarkers, and layered her up with papers from MCS Tinkering with Steampunk Cd. I have then also layered it up onto a gorgeous fabric paper (its soooo touchy feely!) and then black gloss paper. I have just added a few clear gems to the corners too.

I've had a little play with my embossing folders and sanding papers and I'm not sure about this?
But I guess its good to try something a little different every now again?


Image: FAIRYD _TB_DRESS_001 and Mannequin
Paper: K & Co
Embossed buttons: Cuttlebug folder.


" I wanted to focus on the bears for this card as I was impressed with my colouring.
Spent some time on them, so didnt want to over do it with embellishments etc. So I created a frame and embossed around the edges, then matt and layered with brwon card stock. Added just thin ribbon and small bow with tiny key attached ".
Papers are - Country Companions A4 Paper Pack - Lovers Lane
Digital stamps merged together are - TEDDYBO_169 and TEDDYBEA_098


Copics and Promarkers
BoBunny Papers
Andy Skinner Sentiment clear stamp
Tim Holtz clock die
Key Brads
Copper Embossing Powder
Heat Gun
  I´ve coloured the gorgeous image *Short prom* by Fairy D
colouring as always with Prismas
sentiment Magnolia
cardstock in two different brown tones
design paper my minds eyes
embellies: pearls, lace, brad


Quote from Alice In Wonderland by the Mad Hatter at the Tea Party

"Up above the world you fly
                    Like a tea-tray in the sky.

   Twinkle, twinkle--"'


Alice - Wonderland Digi
Papers K& Co
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists
MM Snaps
Petaloo Flowers
Clock,key,chain from necklace.
Seam Binding

Kirsty-Anne ;0) xx


If you haven't done the blog hop yet there is still a couple of days to get hopping and be in with a chance of some fabulous prizes and don't forget our Anything Goes challenge, which is running for a month this time around, so you have until Sunday 5th February Midnight GMT to play along.


  1. Another wonderful can see that haggis flying and then running...OMG...and that poor cat...and the boobs...oh! I can relate to post...and gorgeous cards girls, all so beautiful...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Brilliant tale - very amusing!!!
    Love, Karen x

  3. that was so funny! I actually did LOL at more than one point! x


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