Friday, 6 January 2012

Fairytale Friday

Firstly I need to apologise for the lack of a fairy-tale last week , but unfortunately on my way back to the towers  I got a little drunk on Turnip Tequila, fell into a ditch and passed out, I woke up to find Cuthbert the camel sitting on me, it took a while to get him to move as he was very comfortable, (I'm well-padded LOL!), but before I could get up I was run over by Tammy, rolling two new tractor tyres back to the towers to make her New Year’s Eve outfit.
I finally managed to claw my way out of the ditch only to run into Edna practising her pole dancing around the telephone pole. As she flung her legs out to swing around the pole she caught me in the chin with the heel of one of Tammy's thigh length boots (don't tell Tammy, she's been borrowing her clothes again, or there could be trouble!!!) and knocked me back into the ditch where I decided to stay for a while as, in the distance, I could hear Debbie singing, Don't fry my tea, I'm a Cortina, (Don't cry for me Argentina), I must have fallen asleep, as the next thing I remember is being trampled on by a herd of Haggis, not a pleasant experience as they have very hairy feet. Luckily I was discovered by Jill and Helle foraging for fungi, for their latest brainwave... Mushroom Margarita's, and they finally delivered me safely back to the towers.

We had a fabulous New Year’s Eve party on Saturday, the vegetable alcohol was flowing, the Mushroom Margarita’s proving to be very popular.  There were lots of good things to eat including Haggis rolls, Haggis pies, Haggis samosas, Haggis curry, Haggis pate sandwiches, Haggis quiche and Haggis cheese, which Gayle was very proud of  as it was her first attempt at making cheese and she had milked each and every Haggis herself.

We decided to make it a fancy dress party, and there were some fabulous outfits, Tammy had put a lot of effort into hers, and was dressed as Old Father Time, she had a long flowing cloak made from…..tractor tyres of course, duh! and surprised us all by sporting a long white beard reaching almost to her knees, that she had grown especially for the occasion (now we knew why she had been wearing a balaclava hat and polo neck jumper for the last few weeks, she had been covering up the beard so she could surprise us on the night).

Debbie wore a dress covered in beetles which she had collected in the woods and stuck on with foam pads, and across her chest there were pictures of a star in a ring, Moscow, a man holding a baby boy and a tow truck.  I was very puzzled by who she was supposed to be and finally had to ask her, she told me that she was dressed as The Beatles, so I asked her what the pictures had to do with The Beatles and she informed me that each picture represented one of the Beatles, I still didn’t understand so asked her to explain further and this is what she said……. Well, first there is the Irish drummer Ring O’starr, then the Russian guy- John Lenin, there’s also George, Harry’s son and the Scottish Tow Truck driver Pull ma’ car Tony!!! I didn’t have the heart to correct her so we left it at that.

Chrissy from New Zealand popped in again, I swear she can smell a party from eleven thousand miles away LOL! She was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, of course Harry the dog came as Toto, unfortunately being a big dog she couldn’t carry him in a basket so she was pushing him around in a supermarket trolley, and once again she brought Kirsty Anne with her, who came as a Hula dancer, I thought she was very brave baring her breasts as they seemed extremely hairy, until I realised she was wearing coconut shells over them!!!

Claire was wearing a camel outfit and came as Cuthbert the camel and Cuthbert the camel was dressed as Claire, wearing a pink twinset, pearl necklace and earrings. Jill was dressed as a potato and Helle as a turnip, in homage to their favourite vegetables. Hazel, Renee and Tammy Louise all had the same idea and came dressed as Promarkers, luckily the had each chosen a different colour Promarker, as it could have been quite embarrassing if they had all turned up in the same colour!

Nicole and Nela looked quite cute dressed as Teddies Bo and Bea, and Maritha was dressed in blue and yellow and covered in miniature furniture, she came as Gayle's favourite shop - Ikea! Gayle and Liz were dressed as a Haggis and a box of Scott’s Porridge Oats respectively, very patriotic, and Edna, well Edna came as a………….Pole Dancer LOL! She walked in wearing nothing more than a thong, a pair of sparkly tassels, six inch high stiletto heeled shoes and a large toothless grin (she’d lost her dentures again)!

We all gathered into a big circle at midnight and crossed arms ready for Auld Lang Syne, the arm crossing was a bit difficult for Cuthbert but he managed it in the end. Edna got into the centre of the circle to dance around her pole and as the clock struck midnight Debbie started the singing off, once again getting the words completely wrong, instead of - Should old acquaintance be forgot, she sang - Good, mouldy cheeses stink a lot! We all sang along anyway while Edna writhed around her pole in the middle.

When people started heading home in the early hours of the morning we were amazed to realise that we had managed to get through the whole party without a fight, a great sense of achievement was felt by all.

We cleared up and then sat down for a nice cup of tea before bed when Edna astounded us all with the news that she was leaving us for pastures new. It seems she had applied for and been offered a job as a pole dancer in Las Vegas in a new club called, The Wrinkly Writhers, and as she was having a lot of problems with her arthritis in the cold and damp of deepest, darkest Scotland, she thought a move to a warmer climate and being able to do something she loved so much was the right thing to do.

There were tears, begging and pleading, (and that was just from Cuthbert), but nothing would change her mind, and in our hearts we knew it was the right thing for her to do. We spent another couple of hours reminiscing about all the good times we’d had, - oh those mad early days at the towers, when we would all take turns with the tweezers to remove the splinters she kept getting in her thighs after pole dancing around the hat stand and sliding down the bannisters, rubbing the chip pan oil all over her when we were getting ready to go out, so that we could slide her into those skin tight mini-skirts and leggings that she loves so much, bathing her cuts and bruises after yet another fight, and I don't know how many times we repaired her dentures with double sided sticky tape.

The next day we took her to the airport and waved her off on her new adventure and then returned to the very quiet and empty feeling towers. There were little reminders of Edna around every corner, the fish net stockings hanging from the chandelier in the great hall, the dentures which Gayle found in the biscuit tin, Cuthbert wearing Edna’s leopard print skirt around his hump and the scratch marks on the inside of her wardrobe door from when she held Sid the builder hostage.
On the plus side, Tammy has all her rubber clothes back, well except for the red rubber tassels, which we think have gone to Vegas with her, the builders have agreed to return and finish the repairs, and the wig she left behind makes a great floor polisher.

Edna we love you and are missing you already and there will always be a bedroom for you here at the towers.
Vegas you don’t know what is coming your way, but be afraid…. BE VERY AFRAID !!! LOL! 

Now for some good news
We're having a party and you're all invited!
On Tuesday 10th January Teddy Bo and Co will be celebrating it's first birthday, and we are going to have a birthday blog hop, with prizes and candy, so dress up in your party clothes and come join the fun.

Let's take a look at what the design team have managed to put together for you
 this week.

Image: TEDDYBO_159
Coloured with Copics, list on my blog
Papers from MME, six by six
Snowflakes are die cut from Marianne design and tree is from TH
Feather and seambindings
Little sign from stash


A smidge of pink from me today for this horrible grey weather we're having!!!
I've used TEDDYBEA_169 and given her a very bright pink raincoat with proper buttons.
The polka dot paper is Wild Rose Studio.


D'Arcy coloured with pencils
Bubblegum Hills paper by Kaisercraft
Tim Holtz gears die
Tim Holtz scroll die
Black pearls

TeddyBo 02
Paper Salon papers and cardstock stickers

TeddyBo Herman image
(ice grey1, caramel, cinnamon
white jelly pen
October Afternoon papers
tinsel glitter
October Afternoon Fly a Kite paper
card stock
prima flowers
sizzlits die leaves
diamond stickles
prima bling
Promarker coloring
orchid, cocoa, tan,berry red, skyblue,limegreen, ,butterfup, moss green
whimsy sentiment

Made up a quick card. Found the papers in my scrap drawer, added some stickles....of course! and pink distress stickles. makes it a fun fun card!

I´ve played with *DIY Bea* and colored with Prismas as always
I´ve used cardstock kraft and cream from Bazzill
design paper by Maja Design
sentiment by myself
for the decoartion I´ve used rhinestones and a swirl


TEDDYBO_165 coloured with copic's and prisma's.
Papers are First Edition new leaf,.
The nice lacey stuff across the middle came from America.

You still have a couple of days left to enter our Birthstone challenge, which closes on Sunday 8th January Midnight GMT, and this time we will be announcing the winner on Monday the 9th as we will be busy partying on Tuesday at our first birthday celebration.


  1. NOW I realise what those marks are on Harrys bum...supermarket trolley for having us at your party, we had a fabulous time...but so sorry to hear Edna has moved on.
    Looking forward to your party on the 10th Jan...getting my glad rags ready now..
    Gorgeous cards ladies...always an inspiration.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Hi Well all I can say is if you knew the size of my chest you would not be able to stop laughing lol !! Still can't stop laughing at Cortina & milking Haggis He He Kitty ;0)

  3. Amazing cards :) as always. Oh a whole year old wow that's gone by so quickly. Looking forward to joining in with the celebrations :)
    Hugs Sonia xx


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