Friday, 24 February 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #33

A few days ago Gayle gathered us all up in the great hall and announced that it was time for the Annual spring cleaning of the towers. A big groan went up around the room, apart from Debbie who was jumping up and down with glee.  Knowing how much Debbie enjoys to clean and how fastidious she is about it Gayle put her in charge of organising us for the big clean-up while she went out to hunt Haggis.

Debbie decided she would issue each of us with a different job to do and went off to make a list of what needed doing and who would do it. She told us to meet back in the great hall in one hour’s time and she would allocate us all our tasks.

We headed to the kitchen for a cuppa and a good old moan while we waited, and said how lucky Jill was to be sunning herself on a beach in Thailand while we all had to scrub floors and wash windows. An hour later we were all back in the great hall awaiting our instructions.

Debbie had paired us all up and was about to tell us what our jobs would be.

Claire and Colette will dust all surfaces, particularly making sure to get the dust bunnies from under the furniture.

Now hang on just a minute! says I, if disturbed, Dust Bunnies cannot evolve into Dust Rhinos, so we cannot sweep them up as they have an ecological exemption and we refuse to be responsible for the extinction of the Dust Rhino, also, says Claire, I like the dust bunnies, they are very good company, I have named most of them, and they are the only things that agree with everything I say!
For the Health and Safety of the Dust bunnies and their eventual evolutionary development into Dust Rhinos we just cannot do it!

The other girls are giggling in the background.

Debbie glares at us and moves onto Maritha and Helle, whose job she says, is to wash all the windows.

Now hang on just a minute!, says Helle, I don’t do windows because I love birds and don’t want one to fly into a clean window and get hurt, then Maritha pipes in, and I won’t do the windows because layers of dirt on windows provide a helpful filter against the harmful and aging rays of the sun, it’s like an SPF factor of 5, so for the health and safety of people and birds we cannot clean the windows.

Debbie doesn’t know how to react to this so she tries again with the next pair.

Nela and Nicole, you will take a couple of feather dusters and go into each room and clear the cobwebs from the lightshades and corners of the rooms, she says.

Now hang on just a minute! says Nicole, I don’t disturb cobwebs because I want every creature to have a home of their own and I would be encroaching on their civil liberties by demolishing the very home that they have worked hard to build for themselves and their families! Plus, says Nela the cobwebs that are artfully draped over the lightshades reduce the glare from the bulbs, thereby creating a comfortable level of lighting for working in, once again for health and safety reasons we cannot remove the cobwebs as we could all end up with bad eyes from squinting against the bright lights.

Debbie swiftly moves on.

She announces that Tammy and Hazel’s jobs will be to vacuum the carpets and wax the wooden floors.

Now hang on just a minute! says Tammy with a very serious face, you shouldn’t vacuum too often, it weakens the carpet fibres and Gayle would be very angry indeed if all her antique carpets and rugs fell apart, and can you imagine how much dust that would make?  also, says Hazel, there is no way in the world I am going to be waxing the floors, ….I would be terrified of a guest slipping and getting hurt and then possibly suing us for millions of pounds of compensation, so for Health and safety reasons I am afraid floor waxing is a definite no-no!

Debbie can’t argue with the Health and Safety rules, so she moves on to the next couple on her list Renee and Tammy Louise. They are given the job of clearing up the mounds of pet hair (cats, camels and Haggis) that have been brushed into the corners of the rooms.

Now hang on just a doggone minute! they call out in unison, we can’t clear out the mounds of pet hairs, we let them build up purposefully as we use it for stuffing the  hand-sewn play animals we make for underprivileged children. If you make us clear them up, then you will be the one who visits the children and watches their excited little faces drop, and tears fill their big puppy dog eyes, as they wring their hands together with sadness when they realise there are no more stuffed animals for them to play with, and with nothing to play with they will slowly start going mad, so for the health and safety of the underprivileged children it is not possible for us to clear up the pet hairs!

Debbie is getting quite frustrated with us all by now, but she keeps on trying, next approaching Kirsty-Anne and Liz. Now, you two ladies will be responsible for putting everything that’s laying around back in its correct place and clearing up the haphazard towers of craft magazines from around everyone’s chairs.

Now just hang on a wee minute! says Liz -  If we tidy everything away, nobody will know where to find anything, they will end up rooting through all the cupboards and drawers, pulling everything out and putting them around the floor, which could be very dangerous as someone could trip over one of these objects and hurt themselves. As for the magazines, says Kirsty-Anne, piled up the way they are around the chairs, they provide the valuable Feng-Shui aspect of a tiger, thereby reducing our vulnerability, at this point she rolls her eyes and continues on with..... so for Health and Safety reasons, we can’t possible tidy anything away!

Debbie turns to Edna and pleads with her to help with the Spring Cleaning.

Now just hold your horses a minute! replies Edna, I don’t do Spring Cleaning because I love all the seasons equally and I don’t want Summer, Winter and Autumn to get jealous!

But the place is so messy, says Debbie, what would happen if visitors turned up unexpectedly and saw it like this. Oh that’s easily solved says Edna, we’ll just keep several get well cards on the mantelpiece… they will just think we have been too ill to clean up, and won’t think any the worse of us.

And on that note we all strolled up to the craft room to do some card making, except for Debbie, who decided that for Health and Safety reasons she needed to clean the bathrooms once again!


Here are the cards we managed to make that day, although Jill was very organised and had hers ready before she set off for Thailand.


Image from Teddy Bo called "computer daze" found HERE
DP fromPion and from the package of the Prima buttons.
TH filmstrip, cheesecloth, Prima button.
Ribbon and string
LOTV calendar stamp


PAPERS - First Edition - Sweet Owl.
Fanciful Flourish - Cherry Lynn Designs.
Flowers and gems - Wild Orchid Crafts.
Sentiment - Craft Work Cards.
Coloured with Pro-markers.



Prismacolor p encils
MME Love Me Paper Pad
Cricut - Mini Pinwheels & Corners
Cropodile & Eyelets
Doohickey Die /Cuttlebug
Blossoms & Pearls from WOC
Assorted ribbons from ebay

Panduro papers
magnolia fence die
Magnolia roseleaf die
Memoryboxes flower die
text is saying "Happy Easter"
QK alphabet "sugar sweet"

I´ve used:
Paper Raspberry Road
Buttons and Ribbon from my stash

Teddy Bea 188
Copics and Promarker pens
Kaisercraft paper 'timeless collection'
TH Alterations die 'sewing room'
Snap fasteners


Paper: My Minds Eye
Tools: Nellie Snellen Heart Die, Cart Us Trendy Flower Embossing Folder


Coloured with copic's.
Papers are from MME Lost & Found stack
Flower brads are from Papermania I think.
Ribbon and bakers twine from stash.


Tim Holtz distress Ink
Vintage Paper
doodlebug designs crushed velvet
bon bon flock
colored with promarkers
lavender ribbon
gellyroll clear star pen
heart rhinestones

colored with promarkers
flat backed pearls
scrap paper from my stash...
clear sparkle gelly pen
basic grey stickers


I coloured her with flexmarkers and Promarkers, I've used my embossing folder and matted her onto scrapbook paper. I've added my favourite ribbon. I've been playing with my Silhouette and made the roses and leaves.


Digi Kraft papers - Pink Paislee Kraft Capers Paper Pack
Circle dies - Spellbinders
Self Adhesive Pearls and ribbon - MeiFlower
Pearl Swirl shapes made using Bazzill Jewel Templates 


Don't forget our challenge for this week is Swirls and Pearls and you have until Sunday 4th March Midnight GMT to get your entries in.


  1. Now!! there you sentiments exactly, as not to vaccume, my pile will go flat, and cobwebs scare the flys, so cant get rid if those, dust bunnies are so fluffy and cute, you cant get rid of those...see!...we are on the same wave is bad...only card making makes sense.
    Gorgeous card girls...missed the last challenge but will try and catch one soon...busy..busy..busy...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Arggggghhhhh you lot would come up with an excuse to get out of anything - I wonder how I get chance to make anything!!!!
    LOL xx

  3. You crazy lot!!!
    Poor Debbie :) Not an easy bunch to keep at work!
    I am really having a busy, stressful time here in sunny, wonderful Thailand...
    I swim, work on the tan (or red like my son says...)eat, play with the monkeys (or my kids like some will call them...!)getting massage, having my nails done and a lot of other very tireing and stressful, horrible things!!!
    But I do miss you all!
    I catch up with you girls in a week or two :)
    Hugs from Jill


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