Friday, 16 March 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #36

Sorry about last week’s Fairy tale Friday, I wasn’t feeling too well and asked Gayle if she would sort it out for me and she goes and makes a mess of it, although I’m quite grateful that I was fast asleep in bed for a couple of days, because I wasn’t around for all the scandalous goings on.
Once I was better they locked me in the cellar and wouldn’t let me out until I swore that I wouldn’t tell anybody what had gone on,(but I’ll give you a hint, it involved a jar of pickled eggs, a hoover, baby oil and cold rice pudding!!! )
They only let me out yesterday!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we were supposed to do some spring cleaning while Gayle was out on one of her Haggis hunting expeditions , but we managed to avoid it, well when Gayle arrived home from the hunt, (muddy, wet and very grumpy because she hadn’t caught one single Haggis) and found out that we hadn’t cleaned up she blew her top, I don’t think it was helped by the fact that as soon as she  walked through the door, Hamish our pet Haggis, launched himself at her, landed in her arms and began to lick her face with his very long and slobbery tongue.

After wiping off the Haggis drool she called us all into the Great Hall where she shouted, ranted and raved at us about how disappointed she was with us and that if we had cleaned the towers she would have let us have a party.
Everyone immediately decided that Spring Cleaning sounded like a good idea, and so we all put on our overalls, grabbed the dusters and got stuck in. Tammy gave the whole place a good hoovering (this was when the hoover still worked, before the scandal that we are not allowed to speak of happened).
Jill and Helle decided to polish all the wood with a reject batch of Cucumber Cider, but as soon as they heard the hissing sound, and saw steam rising and the wood blistering on the huge chest that Gayle stores her bagpipes in they knew they had a problem and decided they may be better off using the Pledge furniture polish instead.

Gayle decided that she needed a bath to get all the mud off, after her fruitless Haggis hunt, but Debbie wouldn’t let her in any of the bathrooms in case she dirtied them?!?!?! So she took her out into the yard and hosed her down first, once she was clean she let her go in and have a bath!

We soon had the Towers all spick and span, not a thing out of place and everything gleaming, apart from Gayle’s chest, which was now sagging, wrinkly and pitted with little tiny holes (the one she keeps her bagpipes in, not her actual chest LOL!), we covered it with one of Claire’s knitted throws and said nothing.

Disaster struck after tea, (a lovely Haggis goulash), when Gayle decided she would play her bagpipes for a while to calm her down and help her relax.

Now we were in trouble! because the Cucumber Cider had burned little tiny holes right through the lid of the wooden chest, it had then dripped onto the bag part of the bagpipes and burned little tiny holes in that too. Tammy had quickly patched it up with some spare bits of rubber she had in her sewing bag, and to make sure we hadn’t missed any, we decided to fill the bag up with fluid and see if anything leaked out, unfortunately all we had to hand was a bottle of turnip tequila, so we had to use that. Tammy had done a great job and covered every hole so we had no leaks. We put the bagpipes back in the chest quite pleased with the repair job and tried to convince ourselves that Gayle wouldn’t notice.

As soon as Gayle said she was going to play the bagpipes, Kirsty-Anne jumped up and started to light the candles, suggesting it would give a more relaxing ambience to the room, (really it was so that it wouldn’t be bright enough to notice the bagpipe repairs) and we all eagerly agreed what a great idea that was.

Nicole offered to get the bagpipes out of the chest for Gayle, and as she carried them back we could hear a sloshing sound coming from them, we could see a puzzled expression on Gayle’s face as she tried to work out where the sloshing sound was coming from. Nicole handed the bagpipes to Gayle, who put the blowpipe straight into her mouth, gathered up the drones and chanter and got ready to play a tune.
Gayle had the blowpipe in her mouth but unfortunately as she took a deep breath in, ready for her first big blow, she sucked up a huge mouthful of tequila, which she totally wasn't expecting. It gave her quite a shock and she automatically proceeded to blow into the bag to clear her mouth of tequila and blow up the bag ready to play. Due to the fright she got from the tequila she blew harder than she normally would, and the rubber repair patches popped right off the bag and turnip tequila squirted out of all the little holes in the bag. As soon as Gayle realised what was happening she started sucking furiously on the blowpipe to try and stop the squirting. By the time she had stopped it, she was totally drunk and doing a jig all around the Great Hall whilst singing Rod Stewarts - We are Sailing - straight away Debbie was up linking arms with Gayle, swaying from side to side and joining in with her version,  - Feel the Ceiling, Feel the Ceiling, bones of men and frogs for tea.

We all snuck up to bed and left them to it.
The next morning we found them both sprawled across the table in the great hall, sound asleep, Gayle was snuggled up to Hamish the Haggis and Debbie was snuggled up to her Marigold rubber gloves and spray bleach.

We quietly put the bagpipes back in the chest, fired up the computer, logged into ebay and ordered a new set, which we will hopefully be able to swap with the ruined set before she decides to play them again.


Even through all of this the girls still managed to put some cards together to show you today.



TEDDYBEA_115BEA coloured with copic's and prima's.
I have added liquid pearls for her buttons and on her hat.
I have also added latte fun flock with glitter to her sleeve and boot cuffs.
Papers are First Edition Desert Bloom
Magnolia heart swirl die cut


Quite simple, but I like it :)
Image is TEDDYBOBEA_108
Coloured with Copics
Papers from Pion
Heart from a sizzix die and rhinestones from prima
Text from NSS

Coloured with promakers
Papers from Echo park
Text is saying: if i could choose a mum,i would choose you!


Clairebears x 

 Oh how beautiful is this gorgeous Teddy Bea! 
I have coloured her with pencils and blended her, I have added a couple of white dots on her cheek and layered her up with papers from MCS's Finest Filigree. The button is really big and I have finished the card of with some polka dot ribbon. I really love how it has turned out :0)



I´ve colored the sweet image 
*What are little girls made of?* with Prismas
cardstock in two different brown tones
design paper by Maja Design
cutting-dies Magnolia and Whimsy Stamps
butterfly puncher in two different sizes
embellies: flowers



Image - FairyD_TB_Dress 001 - Short prom
Stickles stardust
String of pearls
Metal corner from Wild Orchid Crafts

Hugs, Nela

You still have a couple of days to get your entries in to our challenge and be in with the chance of winning
the fabulous Teddy Bo 10

Challenge closes at Midnight GMT, Sunday 18th March 2012


  1. I'm sure you are all quite I'm so thankful you are.. as my hearty laughter was heard next door..and Eric said to his wife's Friday, Chrissy is embarrassing...didn't know that I was that loud..Gorgeous cards girls,all so beautiful..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Glad you are feeling better Colette - though after imbibing all that tequila I am sure Gayle is the one feeling 'under the weather' now!?!
    Lovely cards - I especially like Hazel's card this week.
    Karen xx

  3. I'm thrilled to read about the goings on at TB Towers. It must be the first one I'm not involved in! LOL LOL LOL

    Gorgeous, gorgeous cards ladies that imbibing certainly helps the mojo flow! :)

    Edna x


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