Friday, 30 March 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #38

We are very lucky to have any cards at all to show you this week as we have had a bit of a major accident at the towers, now when I say major accident I don’t mean many serious injuries, I just mean the amount of people who were injured.

It all started when Debbie decided that we should have a Teddy Bo Towers show choir and forced us all to join (she said if we didn’t join she would make us spring clean the whole place every day!!!) .

Gayle had gone out for the day, to find lots of new goodies for the Teddy Bo store and Debbie thought it would be nice for her to return home to a lovely welcoming song, so she ordered us all into the great hall and told us we had to do some vocal exercises to warm up our voices.

She gave us each a sheet of paper with some tongue twisters on, which we had to work our way through, we started off with – Rubber baby buggy bumpers,  after a few goes it began to sound like Rugged baby bugger bunkers, then we moved on to the next one which turned out to sound even worse after a couple of fast repeats – give it a go and you’ll see what I mean – I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, upon a slitted sheet I sit (please don’t repeat it around young children!).

Eventually she decided it was time to do some singing, she had downloaded some lyrics from the computer, so at least we were singing the right words LOL! and we practised until tea time.

We decided to have wine with our evening meal to lubricate our throats, it was the perfect opportunity to try out Helle and Jill’s new brew – Baked Bean Beaujolais – a sparkling wine with a luscious bouquet of tomato sauce, didn’t taste so good but boy was it strong, a couple of glasses and we were all singing anyway.

Gayle telephoned us to say she would be home in about 20 minutes and to have the kettle on, so that she could have a cup of tea when she got in, this was the signal for us all to take our places on the grand staircase as Debbie had decided it would look very professional if we all stood on a stair each down the curve of the grand staircase. Claire was at the top, then, Kirsty-Anne, Liz, Nela, Nicole, Me, Tammy Louise, Renee, Maritha, Jill, Hazel and Helle .

Debbie decided we would have a quick rehearsal before Gayle turned up, so she started waving her arms about like Andre Previn, conducting an orchestra and we began to sing the song she had chosen for us which was -  I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in, I hear you knocking, Go back where you’ve been (which seemed totally inappropriate as a welcome home song, but typical Debbie, never gets anything right).

The wine had loosened our inhibitions and instead of singing timidly or just opening and closing our mouths and pretending to sing, we all got really stuck into it, there was even a bit of dancing going on (well shuffling around on our steps and flinging our arms about) we all started getting into the groove, until Claire started doing the Can Can, she did a particularly high kick, which caught Kirsty-Anne in the back, Kirsty-Anne plunged forward onto Liz, bounced off  to the left of Liz and landed on her front on the stairs, which Debbie had polished to a high gloss half an hour earlier, she bounced all the way down to the bottom. Meanwhile Liz had fallen onto Nela and then like a row of dominoes we all fell one by one. Kirsty-Anne arrived at the bottom of the stairs so quickly that Debbie was taken unawares, and was knocked off her feet as Kirsty-Anne slid into her, one by one the rest of us toppled down and landed on top of them, all except for Claire who was still Can Canning away at the top of the stairs oblivious to all the mayhem she had caused.

At that precise moment Gayle walked through the door to find us all lying in a big heap in the middle of the hall, with Claire still doing the Can can at the top of the stairs and screeching - ‘Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged’. What a welcome home!!!

We were very lucky that we had no injuries more serious, than cuts, bruises and sprains, except for Kirsty-Anne, who slid most of the way down the stairs on her chest, it took half a dozen of us a couple of hours with the tweezers to get all the splinters out!  Ouch!

A few of us still managed to put cards together, even though we are still suffering a little from our injuries.

Clairebears x
(strained muscles in thighs from the high kicks and a hangover)

Here's a card I have made with this times releases. Its my favourite Jolly! I love his expression on his face and the cute owl hiding in the tree too. I have coloured it in with Promarkers and used a cloud like backing paper. I have punched 3 little butterflies out to tie it all together and hand written "Hello There"

Here's a card I have made using Teddy Bea, she's been coloured with pencils and I have layered her up onto some Whitewashed Co-Ordination paper that I have embossed. Now the flowers look really dark but they are infact the same paper!

(Bruises from head to toe and a broken toe nail)
 Image: TEDDY BEA_196
Paper: My Minds Eye - Signature Suite
Sentiment: Imagine That Stamps
X Cut border die
Image:  TEDDYBEA_056
Paper: My Minds Eye - Bohemia
Sentiment: Craftwork Cards

(A black eye, sprained ankle and splinter in top of finger, the one I use for sprinkling glitter)

Image cropped - TBB_116 - Coloured in Photoshop
Papers - Clipart Fairy - Nature boy and Forgotten Birthday
Charm, buttons, ribbon - MeiFlower

(chipped nail polish, she didn't fall as far as some of us)
Coloured with Copic markers
My papers are scrap leftovers from here and there...
Wooden buttons, ribbon from stash and the rub on comes from MF

(Lots of grazes to arms and legs, very tender chest area (due to splinters and removal of splinters) bruised shins) 

Prismacolour pencils & Liquid Pearls
Kaisercraft Tigerlily Paperpad
Birdhouse & Buttons cut from Cricut
Memory Box Dies
 Kaisercraft Chipboard Pieces
Ribbon from Local Sewing Shop 
Martha Stewart Punch
Key from Costume Jewellery

(no major injuries to report)
TeddyBea_169 and you finr her HERE!
Papers from Panduro
Flowers from PyHobby and WOC

You still have a couple of days to enter our Easter and/or Buttons and Bows challenge, your entries must reach us by Midnight GMT Sunday 1st April.


  1. Hi Colette absolutely brilliant baked bean bordeaux ewwww lol !!! ;0)

  2. And I thought standing on the stair case sounded so elegant a shame.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. I made it...lost knuckle and all, I finally made the challenge whoo hoo....

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. All the Cards are very funny, specially TBB_116 is the best.

    plastic cards
    clear cards


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