Friday, 13 April 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #40

I don’t really have much to tell you this week as it has been very quiet at Teddy Bo Towers for a change.

Debbie has had laryngitis, so no singing all week (hurrah), Gayle and Liz are out hunting Haggis, unfortunately because of Debbie’s laryngitis, she wasn’t able to go with them this time, (you may remember from a previous tale that her singing sounds just like the mating call of the Hairy Highland Haggis, and she usually manages to draw them out of their hidey holes). Gayle has taken her bagpipes instead and is going to play them a tune and see if that will draw them out, Liz has taken ear plugs and a large tub of Aspirin.

Edna has decided to give up Pole Dancing for a while, it has been so cold recently that the pole froze, Edna not realising, jumped straight onto it wrapping her legs tightly around it and then found she couldn’t move as her legs had stuck to the ice, we had to borrow a couple of heat guns from the craft room to warm up the pole and release her, she got away relatively unscathed, just a couple of blisters on her thighs as the heat guns made the pole a little hot.

Claire has run out of pink wool, and won’t knit until she gets some more, so to pass the time she has built Hamish the Haggis a Haggis hutch, painted it pink and is now in the process of adding lots of pink glitter and crystals to finish it off. Hamish is hiding out in the barn with the camels, as he thinks pink is too girly and he is a bit of a macho Haggis.

Tammy is busy with a puncture repair kit, fixing all the little holes in her rubber outfits, so they are ready for the summer.

Kirsty-Anne has decided to take up jogging and try to get fit before the summer, unfortunately we are running out of Haggis steaks to put on the black eyes she keeps giving herself as her boobs keep hitting her in the eyes when she runs.

Jill and Helle have been in the greenhouse, picking Aubergines, they have developed a new drink called Aubergine Ale, it is still in the taste testing stage at the moment and not available for general consumption.

Nicole and Nela have donned their Leiderhosen and have been singing German drinking songs while taste testing the Aubergine Ale (we take turns testing the new recipes and this time it is their turn)

Maritha has been asked for an invoice for some work she has done recently and is trying to work out exactly what an invoice is, she seems to think it is a little voice inside your body that sings to you and hers is busily working its way through the Abba Gold play list, it is very hard to explain what it actually is as she speaks some sort of odd language called Swenglish and she is the only one who knows it.

Hazel is sulking in her room, as her black cat - Cougar, won’t come out from under the bed to be used as a cutting machine anymore, so she will have to use her scissors to cut things out like the rest of us.

Tammy Louise and Renee have taken over the kitchen and are busy preparing food for an American theme night we are having over the weekend. Unfortunately for them the only meat Gayle will allow is Haggis, so that’s all they have to cook with, up to now they have made Haggis burgers, Haggis steaks, barbecue Haggis ribs, Haggis chowder, Haggis Jambalaya, Southern fried Haggis, Haggis meatloaf and a Haggis pot roast (Don’t tell Hamish as Claire has convinced him that everything we eat is made with Chicken!)

As for me, I have been following everyone around with pen and paper to hand waiting for something exciting to happen - nothing did,- it has been a very dull week!

(her inner voice is singing Mama Mia at the moment)

Coloured with Distresser
MS Punch flower
Leaves: MS punches

 Chloe (Clairebears daughter)
(Claire knitted her and thinks she's a real girl, just like Geppetto did with Pinnochio LOL!)


Clairebears x 
(Covered from head to toe in pink paint and glitter)
We have used Baaaad Bea and coloured them both with promarkers, the papers are from Honey and Hugs by Papermania. Chloe's flowers and gems and my pearls are all from my stash.

(Wondering if Haggis milk would be OK in a milk shake)


kraft funday MME paper
prima flowers
wooden buttons
pearl stick pins
colored with colored pencils and OMS

(Managed to get this done as she is not quite as drunk as Nicole!)

Teddy Bea - Sowing the seeds and Hello little ladybird
Spellbinder Labels 5
Paper by Scrappers Delight and Raspberry Road
Handmade flowers with lace and wooden buttons

Hugs Nela



I´ve colored Bea from the image *High as a kite* 
with Prismas
cardstock from SU and ColorCore
design paper by My Minds Eyes
die cut by Magnolia
embellies: flowers, lace, pearls

You still have a few days left to enter our Spring has sprung challenge, your entries must reach us by Sunday 15th April Midnight (GMT)

Catch you later,
Colette and the gang.

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  1. Hi Colette made me smile today wonder if I make enough cards to sell I could afford a boob reduction lol !! Maritha's inner voice makes me laugh so much !! ;0)


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