Monday, 30 April 2012

Mojo Monday

Ok with the summer approaching - cough cough (in my dreams!)
It made me think about all those holidays I had as a child, in a caravan and tent. How everything always seemed such fun. The day's spent on the beach, and playing in rockpools. Swimming in the sea and just off exploring!  Also those days where it rained so much you were stuck in the caravan for the whole day or holiday sometimes lol!

Then I came across these photo's on Pinterest and wished if I could I'd love to have a little caravan (not a tent thats pushing it too far!) but it would have to be really different and quirky.
What do you think?

Doesn't it make you remember your child hood holidays and wish you could go back and do all those things once again?

Love Clairebears x 


  1. Hi Claire what a super post and yes I remember the best holidays when my daughter was little was at a caravan ! These pictures look really cool ! ;0)

  2. hi claire, well your pictures really took me back! my dad is a romany gypsy and grew up in a 'wagon'. he tells the best stories! i loved visiting family that still lived in then, we always had a 'real' house as mum wasnt a gypsy. Don't worry, we didnt leave rubbish and furniture around, dad is real Romany! lol
    thanks for sharing the pictures, i'll show dad tomorrow, he will love them too.


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