Monday, 29 October 2012

Mojo Monday

Welcome to another Mojo Monday and I'm not sure where you are in the world but here in the UK we have reached Autunm - Now I really love this time of year as when you drive home from work you see all the leaves changing colour and I find it really inspiring! They are not the normal couloours that I like to use but somehow at this time they find there way onto my work space!

  My favorite thing to do is go to the woods and just pretend I'm a kid again and kick the fallen leaves into the air and then scrunch through them too. It beings back such fun memories of being a kid and just for that moment you can pretend you are one again - ummmm until your kids tell you to grow up!


  1. What a lovely pictures and warm colours. I love the picture of the little leaves and their changing colours.
    Here in the Netherlands Autunm has started and seeing all these beautifull colours is wonderfull!
    Best regards, Hanny

    1. Thank you Hanny, I'm glad you like it. The leaves are changing in the Uk too and on a bright morning like today in London the colours are stunning as I drove to work :0)
      Love Clairebears x

  2. Just beautiful! I love Fall. It's my fav time of year. We are here in Florida so we don't get the changing of the leaves which is disappointing but, beautiful to see elsewhere nonetheless. :)


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