Friday, 18 January 2013

Fairy Tale Friday


Phew! what a week we've had, after all the partying for Teddy Bo's birthday last week was finally over, and we had all sobered up, we realised that we were one DT member short, Donna was missing! we searched the tower from top to bottom but there was no sign of her.

Debbie decided to look for her under the beds, but within minutes she had been sidetracked by the dust and junk that was under them, and started cleaning up.
Gayle was checking out the kitchen until she realised there was some turnip soup left over from the birthday dinner and if she added some spinach and curry powder to it, we could have it for lunch.

Maritha and Lau were looking through the attic (it's where they brew all the alcohol, and if Donna was going to go missing anywhere it would probably be there as she has a fondness for their latest brew Pea and mint wine) but no, not a sign of her.
Claire went to search the big barn where the camels live, but she thought Cuthbert looked a bit cold, so grabbed her needles and some wool and started knitting a camel coat instead of hunting for Donna!

By this point we had come to the conclusion that Donna was nowhere in the tower and must have wandered off, so we thought it best to wrap up warmly (snow was forecast) and head down to the village, in case she had made her way there.

We had just stepped out of the front door when we noticed Officer Cuffem cycling up the drive on his police bicycle, with a very bedraggled looking Donna balancing on his handlebars, grasping an armful of lettuces and looking very sheepish - she was wearing a sheepskin coat, hat, gloves and boots LOL! - no seriously, she looked quite embarrassed.

It seems that after a few too many glasses of Pea and Mint wine, she had overheard misheard Gayle as she was explaining to Wendy how a blog hop worked, "well you hop from blog to blog and collect a letter at each one"

Officer Cuffem had found her at the duck pond in the middle of the village green, hopping from log to log, and as she landed on each log she would shout out loudly, "give me a lettuce, I need a lettuce now, I've got to collect lettuces". Quite a crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle,and were taking bets on how many more times she would fall in the water, eventually Artie Choke the greengrocer took pity on her and threw her some lettuces, and Officer Cuffem managed to talk her into coming ashore. He locked her in the cells over night to sober up and then brought her back to the tower.


The text says THANKS
Coloured with Copics
Flowers and angel from PyHobby
The inside with a pocket for money!


Lau W

Words on computer
Paper : My Mind's Eye : I printed on the paper drawings of sheep that I found on the internet
Sheep and heart : stickers


Image: TEDDYBEA_252

Paper: My Minds Eye
Ribbon & Buttons from stash


I have used image TEDDYBO_171 "Cupid Bo"
Medium ~ Polychromos pencils
Cream card ~ Woodware
Papers ~ NitWit Collections "Petal Fresh" ~ LOTV
Flowers ~ WOC
Heart charm & blue twine ~ The Ribbon Girl
Sentiment ~ freebie from
Doily edger punch ~ Martha Stewart
Big hugs

Donna xx



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