Friday, 12 April 2013

Fairy Tale Friday

The girls were all excited.  The new Abba Museum had opened in Stockholm, Sweden, and the girls were going to visit it as part of a short city break.  They’d been saving for months, and had managed to get seats on a budget airline, and would be staying in Maritha’s aunties house while they were there.  That helped to keep the costs down.
Now it’s important that when staying with someone, you take over a present that’s associated with the country you’re from.  Gayle had decided she’d take an extra bag which would be full of freshly caught haggis.  It’s very lucky that Colette took a bottle of 20 year old Malt Whiskey with her, because as soon as Gayle arrived in  the airport and went to go through customs, she was frogmarched to a small office where her bags were searched.  Apparently haggis may seem inedible to most people, Scottish passport staff still consider it a food, and as such can’t be taken to foreign countries.
The plane flight was crowded.  Food that cost extra (and Gayle had no haggis to eat), they even had to pay to use the toilet (We’ll not say the name of the airline in case they sue us).  Cramped seat, no in-flight entertainment, luckily the girls were all sitting next to each other, they chatted all the way through the flight, would swap seat with each other so they could chat to people they hadn’t chatted to yet.  The pushed seats back, then when they didn’t like that, moved them forward again.  They continually pushed the steward button, requesting more booze.  Their nuisance antics led one passenger to complain that children shouldn’t be allowed on a plane unless accompanied by a supervising adult!
They arrived and cleared customs with a few strange looks.  They unfortunately didn’t have any connecting flights booked, and managed to get a bus that took them most of the way to Maritha’s aunties house.  The bus driver however was not as patient as the people on the plane, and after some more antics, the girls were kick off the bus, ten miles from their accommodation.  This meant a walk through the freezing, snowy climate of Sweden.
Dragging suitcases behind them, the girls hiked toward their home for the weekend.  Trudging through deep snow, the girls had dressed accordingly (based on their recent skiing episode), and were reasonably cheerful until they spotted a wolf following them.
They marched on, slightly panicky, then more panicky as another two joined the first.  They picked up pace, and the wolves followed close behind.  Finally they charged, the girls fled in all directions, and the wolves stopped at Gayle’s case that previously held the haggis and dragged the case off into the bushes. 
The girls recovered their bags and ran off, arriving finally at a large house built on the side of a mountain.  Here they rested their aching feet before downing the bottle of whiskey they had brought.  They needed something to calm their nerves.
Next week we’ll tell you about the visit to the museum, a chance meeting with someone famous, and some more police.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Image TeddyBea_029
Coloured with Promarkers
Ruby, Artic Blue, Blender
Spice, Ginger, Lemon
Papers - Stamping up
My Minds Eye



I have used image TEDDYBO_149 "Santa......Stop.....Here!"
Medium ~ Polychromos pencils
Red & green card ~ Woodware
Papers ~ Papermania "At Christmas Time"
Lace ~ Joanna Sheen
Pom-pom trim ~ The Ribbon Girl
5mm red pearls ~ Woc
Sentiment ~ Lili Of The Valley

Crafty hugs
Donna x


TeddyBoBea_148 : Puddle Fun
2 papers : Maja Design (vintage summer basics)
3 embellishments : lace, flowers, half pearls
(I distressed all the papers and added Distress ink (vintage photo)


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