Friday, 19 April 2013

Fairy Tale Friday

The girls rose early the next day.  They didn’t have much time in Sweden as their return flight was the next morning.  They had a good breakfast of Surstromming (fermented herring served with boiled potatoes and salad), and this was washed down with a few large glasses of snapps, just to get some heat into the girls bodies.
They charged out into the snow, heading for the Abba Museum. 
They finally arrived early in the morning around ten o’clock at the museum situated in Stockholm.  A beautiful, and snowy part of the city.  The girls entered and paid their entrance fees, before moving into the main foyer where they started to take their winter clothing off.  By twelve noon, they were finally ready, the floor lay strewn with winter jackets, cardigans, jumpers, stockings, hats and gloves.  Gayle bundled them all into some bin bags and spoke to the girl in the ticket office.
“Is it ok to leave our jackets here”, said Gayle.
“Certainly”, came the response, and that was followed by Gayle and the girls throwing half a dozen large, full bin bags over the counter and running, leaving a very bemused assistant behind.
The exhibition was incredible.  Music blared through the hallways as the girls looked at the fashions of the day, and the gold and platinum discs earned by the band.  In fact between twelve and six o’clock, time flew past, and before the girls new it, the museum was closing.  So amazed were they, it’s apparently the first museum they’ve ever went to where they weren’t thrown out for disturbing the peace.
Even the security guards were patient as the girls put back on their winter clothing and headed out into the Swedish evening.
The girls decided to go out to dinner, then paint the town red, so they charged into the first reasonable looking restaurant and ordered dinner and a snapps to heat themselves up before moving to a pub.  The food was lovely, they were a bit rowdy, but again weren’t thrown out.  That is until the bill came.  It worked out at a LOT of Swedish Krona per person.  That didn’t seem munch until Gayle looked the exchange rate up on the internet and discovered it was many pounds each.
This led to a number of complaints by the design team, and a few burley men appeared on scene to throw the girls into the cold outside.
Cold and skint outside, the girls pulled together the funds they had left and purchased a few bottles of vodka, and some soft drinks as mixers.  It was slim pickings for the girls who would normally get through that individually on a night out.  But so it began, a bunch of ladies drinking shorts outside in the freezing cold Stockholm night.   
And that’s where the police found the girls frozen in blocks of ice.  The next morning, they were quickly bundled into the cargo bay of their plane home, sitting, slowly defrosting in among all the luggage. 
On arrival at Glasgow airport, concerns were raised at the luggage carousel as the DT arrived in Glasgow, surrounded by open suit cases where they’d taken clothes out to keep warm.  I’m sure the airline will be resolving complaints for some time to come.


Image: TEDDYBEA_033
Card Base: Birds Cards
Paper: Dovecraft Tea House
Flowers: EK Success Retro Flower Punch
Sentiment: Crafter's Companion


Lau W

Papers : Toga
Papers doily and lace : gift from a friend
Circle Die : Sizzix
Half-pearls and Promarkers


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