Friday, 4 October 2013

Fairy Tale Friday - Update

After taking a break for a few months while we relocated from our old, damp tower in deepest darkest Scotland to a lovely shiny new Minaret (closest we could get to a tower) at the side of a beautiful oasis in the Arabian desert of the United Arab Emirates, we will be back with a fabulous new release on Tuesday WooHoo!!!

If you have missed your fix of Bo and Bea, do not despair, the girls have finally managed to get their heads around the no alcohol rule, we are now drinking potato squash (nudge, nudge, wink, wink - still really potato vodka, but we are hoping no-one will realise), carrot cordial and turnipade (basically fizzy turnip tequila LOL!). Maritha is still singing Abba songs badly, but if it gets too much, we send her off into the desert to take Cuthbert and the other camels for a walk (they love it here and don't have to wear their knitted hats and scarves anymore, but have gone native and are now wearing  Raybans and Kufiya (really just tea towels they have liberated from the tower LOL!)  Debbie is in her element, duster in one hand and mop in the other, constantly moaning about the amount of sand all over the floor (what does she expect we are in the middle of the desert after all).
Everybody is living quite harmoniously together - the warmth and sunshine certainly puts everyone in a better mood, and luckily, we have only had one accident so far when Wendy, whilst sunbathing, decided that she would protect the soles of her feet from sunburn by applying liberal amounts of sun tan lotion to them, she then decided to go and get herself a drink, walked into the marble entrance hall of the minaret in her barefeet!- yes honestly- if she had a brain she would be dangerous - and slid straight across the hall and out through the door on the other side, tripped over a camel and landed head down in a sand dune where she stuck solid. We didn't notice she was missing for a few hours as we were all in a drunken stupor - ahem! -asleep - in the sun by the oasis. When we did find her you should have seen the state of the soles of her feet, talk about sunburned, they were so hot we cooked our Haggis sausages on them LOL!

Well that's the update, don't forget to come back on Tuesday for the New Release and check out the fabulous inspiration from Teddy Bo Towers (Minaret),
See you then,
Gayle and the Harem xx

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  1. Haha, love this story, enjoyed reading this. Good that everything went allright;)
    Have a nice weekend, hugs from the Netherlands, Hanny♥


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