Friday, 1 November 2013

Fairytale Friday

If you read last week’s tale then you will remember that we were just about to open up the container that had arrived from the UK containing all our craft supplies and Gayle’s Haggis.
Here’s what happened next –
Gayle unlocked the large padlock, as we all crowded around, peering over her shoulders to try and get a look at our stuff and make sure it had got here in one piece, suddenly the doors burst open and hundreds of baby Haggis came flying out, jumping all over us, Gayle was screaming at us to grab them before they escaped into the desert, but we were so taken aback, that nobody had a chance to even grab one before they had all ran away.
Next three pairs of adult Haggis came sauntering out, looking quite proud about the amount of babies they had produced whilst being locked in the container, (they obviously had nothing else to do to pass the time, but make babies LOL!) Gayle nabbed them as they came out and took them off to the Haggis hutch she had built in preparation for their arrival.

All our precious boxes of craft supplies had been turned into a baby Haggis playground, so we pulled them all out and dragged them into the tower to check the contents.
There was quite a lot of stuff in the container so it took us a good few hours to empty it, some of the girls had given up helping and gone off to play with their craft stuff, drink turnipade, (more supplies had arrived in the container) and reminisce about all our Scottish adventures.
The rest of us decided to carry on and empty the container out completely.

Finally there was only one item left, it looked like a large double wardrobe, and nobody recognised it or remembered packing it, but we dragged it out, and got ready to open it up to see if we could figure out who it belonged to.
There was some very strange noises coming from the wardrobe, so we opened it very gingerly, Debbie holding a Big Shot aloft ready to hit something with it if need be.
Imagine our complete shock and amazement, when the doors were opened, to find two strange women, curled up asleep in each other’s arms, snoring loudly, surrounded by an assortment of empty chocolate and crisp wrappers and turnipade bottles.
We gave them a nudge to try and wake them, and when that didn't work we sent for Gayle and her bagpipes. A quick screech tune on the bagpipes and the women jumped up, covering their ears, screaming and begging for mercy. It took them a few minutes to realise where they were and what the awful noise was.
We finally calmed them down, led them to the tower, made them a cup of tea liberally spiked with potato cordial, and got their story from them.

It seems they had desperately wanted to be part of the Teddy Bo DT and when they found out that we were going on our travels they decided the best thing to do was stow away in the container, hoping that by the time we discovered them, it would be too late to send them home. They had stuffed themselves into the old wardrobe, along with lots of crisps and chocolate bars,and then bribed the packers to load the wardrobe into the back of the container.
They had thoroughly enjoyed the journey, as not long after setting off they had discovered the turnipade supply and had spent most days completely sozzled, (they did add a warning at this stage to sniff the full bottles of turnipade we had unloaded before drinking, as not all of them now actually contained turnipade, unfortunately it came too late for some of the girls, a few had already commented on the fact that some of the new supply tasted slightly different LOL!).
They’d also had a lot of fun playing with the baby Haggis, and because the container was loaded up with craft supplies had actually made a couple of cards on the way over (after exclaiming over how fabulous they were, we had to sneakily throw them out, they had obviously been totally smashed out of their skulls on turnipade as their colouring was all over the place and not a paper or embellishment was stuck on straight, Lisa had used crisp wrappers as backing papers and we think Karen had glued a baby Haggis on the front of one of hers, (mistaking it for a picture of Teddy Bo), because there was a big clump of Haggis fur, and even a little skin - ouch! attached to the front of one of her cards).

Gayle decided, that as they had shown dedication and commitment to the bears by their mad, but effective plan to get on the DT, we could keep them, and that is how we ended up with two new toilet cleaners design team members.



Image TeddyBea_077
Copics - Fur - E31/33/35/18
Top & Hat - V12/15/17
Jeans - Promarkers - Denim/Pastel Blue/Powder Blue/Stonewash
Papers - Craft Creations / My Minds Eye
Cheery Lynn Fanciful Flourish


TEDDYBEA_261 coloured with Promarkers & Flexmarkers
Kraft card blank
Neighbourwood paper
Tim Holtz sentiment stickers
Gold & green card from The Papeteire
Papermania ribbon & crystals
Stampin' Up! twine
Charm from stash


Image Booo5 , TeddyBo_213_02,03 and 06
  Coloured with Copics(read more on my blog)
Panduro papers
Cheese cloth
Spellbinders die
Black Distress

Lau W

Image : TeddyBea_270
Embossing Folder : Nellie's Choice
Paper : Cart'Us (i cut a wreath)
Stamp : Hampton Art
Circle die, red ribbon and Promarkers


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  2. You've created a big smile on my face with your story this morning :D

  3. You've created a big smile on my face with your story this morning :D


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